Relationship tips for Women

In public, a couple should always put up a united front. If asked – “Do you guys fight ?” Correct answer – “No, it does not happen as our connection is very strong.” The wife should appreciate his hard work and be his source of respite. A wife should be taking pride in being aContinue reading “Relationship tips for Women”

How to have a successful marriage ?

Traditional Gender roles have to be understood as it allows for Love to happen and maintain. Flexibility can be allowed once its importance has been understood. Understand Love and Relationship beforehand. Be wanting to be a good parent. Learn to spot the right person to get married to. Need help with any of these ?Continue reading “How to have a successful marriage ?”

How many children to have ?

Consider the reality – Climate change is a real issue which will cause massive problems along with the solutions to contain it. Economic growth is permanently over. Religions and traditional cultures will be completely lost in the coming decades. War and increasing violence is likely. Manipulations, lies & the resulting mental depression will worsen. WhenContinue reading “How many children to have ?”

Ways to Mental Well – being

A spiritual man is a man grounded in reality. He has shed all the ignorance. Wealth starts having a negative effect beyond a point. Billionaires don’t live a better life than a double digit multi millionaire. The things you own, reverse own you back. Limit possessions. Anger is a wrong emotion to hold which isContinue reading “Ways to Mental Well – being”