Date to Marry Guide for Women

Learn to Date to Marry, find a traditionally minded quality man, understand inter gender dynamics, make him yours and have a successful marriage using this guide.

How to have a successful marriage in this age ?

Consider the reality –

  • Overpopulation and Climate change are serious issues causing massive problems, along with the solutions that have been put in action to contain them – Social and Economic engineering.
  • Economic growth is permanently over, so providing for a child will be difficult. Also to factor that, more the number of children, the lesser the share of inheritance each gets.
  • Traditional culture will be completely lost in the coming decades to be completely replaced by liberalism.
  • Mental depression is worsening.
  • When people around you are choosing to be childless or bringing only 1 child and then raising them poorly, then the question arises whether the culture and environment is suitable ? Raising a child means needing a support network – family members and community members are helpful. With the atomized society, will others be able to help you? Family structure has been destroyed through feminism.
  • Life expectancy is dropping with the passing generations.
  • Violence and crime is increasing.
  • Civilization is dying off at a fast rate and freedom is being lost.

Do you still want to marry ? Is it fair to bring a child in this rapidly decaying world and then give that child a miserable existence ? I would say bringing 1 child in this world seems right for most people, and the miserable existence is be considered as one’s bad luck. One cannot kill their genetic lineage, and lose purpose of life and create an existential crisis for themselves.

So how to have a successful marriage in this worsening age ?

For this, the below points have to be understood well while Dating for marriage :

Pointers for Date to Marry –

  • Don’t be excessively opinionated.
  • There is a limit to a man’s patience, before he decides it is not worth it to fix her, and that it is better off for him to find a more quality woman.
  • Be presentable with a good aesthetic sense, such that your man is proud to hold to.
  • Don’t try to seduce him.
  • A humble grocery bagging woman feels more appealing as a wife, than a corporate careerist.
  • Marry early. A woman’s fleeting beauty is useless without a solo admirer, who will even remember and cherish the past memories of her beauty as she ages, if he got his muse at her prime and fell in love with her deeply.
  • If he does not give you sleepless nights, he is not for you.
  • Women are attracted to powerful men. Powerful women (in masculine sense) repulse men.
  • Make him feel masculine and show admiration for his masculinity.
  • A shy demeanor in a woman generates love interest in a man. A bold demeanor in a woman only generates lust interest in a man.
  • A smiling woman instantly becomes more attractive.
  • Present yourself as being loyal, patient, kind, compliant and docile.
  • An intelligent man is a natural miser.
  • Being Frugal is a nice quality to have as it indicates being intelligent and a low maintenance woman.
  • Manipulate him into leading you.
  • It is things like a woman’s graceful laugh that captivates a man.
  • Find a man for whom, you would be the most beautiful woman in the world.
  • Inquire as to how he handles tough phases in life ?
  • Economic growth is permanently over. It becomes even more important to find a man who can persist in the game of life.
  • A woman should partly incite similar emotions in a man, to the one that a baby incites in a woman. Cute and Innocent, get loved and protected. Bring out his paternalistic emotions, to work for you.
  • The shy silent woman needs to show that she can emotionally bond in love.
  • Don’t act immature. Be someone who has the maturity and understanding of the workings of a relationship and marriage. Be the woman, who he sees as a team member to build a family with.
  • Eye contact: Test his dominance, his interest and make him fall for you. Stare lovingly in his eyes, if he has shown liking & maintain the eye contact with him. If he is dominant, he would maintain the eye contact and wait for you to break it.
  • Present as being cheerful and happy.
  • Men calculate the effort that would be required to fix a woman and making her to become as per his desire.
  • Play vulnerability to your advantage. Being vulnerable will bring out his paternalistic emotion towards you and create a liking for you.
  • A man having too many friends is a low quality man.
  • Seek a man with who can lead with wisdom. He should be a natural philosopher.
  • Once you have made the mind to trust him, you have to submit and give yourself completely to him for allowing the relationship to get built. From then onwards, his destiny becomes your destiny.
  • (Fun Loving + Shy + Intelligent + Virtuous) > Rest
  • He has to consider you, to be your complementarily equal. You are searching for a masculine match for your feminine power.
  • A man who cannot lead without spiritual wisdom, will guide his family into a state of despair.
  • Love is the reward a woman gets, for her submission and respect towards her man.
  • Loyalty is one the best trait in a woman.
  • You want a good man who has mastered dark side.
  • Find a man more cunning than you.
  • His grasp of reality, is one of the measure of his leadership ability.
  • Don’t be too open to him from the start. Show that you have interest but have boundaries.
  • When a man sees a woman wearing fake eyelashes, he feels he is getting duped. No, for fake eyelashes.
  • Sense of humor in a man is good trait to seek, but should be a less prioritized one.
  • Avoid trying to correct him.
  • Find a man who has been through a lot and then returned back to his saner state. This man has seen suffering and returned back with wisdom.
  • A man should have experience with dealing with evil.
  • Defer to him more. Get him to make decisions. ” Where are we going ? ” Get him to take responsibility for you.
  • Don’t demand chivalry; rathe inspire him to be chivalrous towards you.
  • He should be financially and emotionally prepared to take on his role of a husband.
  • Do not pursue a man directly and aggressively. Give him hints of your interest. If he cares and responds, get him to pursue you.
  • 1st Date – Coffee shop, where you offer to pay or just pay; Later dates – He should pay for you, if reasonable amounts.
  • He is Her anchor.
  • Does he inspire you to become a better woman ?
  • His biggest cheerleader.
  • He is her security.
  • She is his solace.
  • Who is a Man ? One who can think logically and wants to impose his will on the world.
  • A good woman is attracted to a cunningness in a man. A good man is repulsed by cunningness in a woman.
  • You are aiming too high.
  • Do you see a mentor in him ?
  • Does he have a sense of righteousness ?
  • Is he able to manage money ? Can he retain wealth ? Is he calculative with money ?
  • He wants her support. She wants to support him.
  • Learn to spot a sociopath. Some are clinically psychopath. They have trained themselves not to appear as one.
  • A religious person does not translate to being a good person.
  • Learn to take rejections.
  • Do you like his way of thinking ? Do you want to live your life based on his mindset ?
  • A healthy gender dynamics requires the woman to be more conservative than the man.
  • The chemistry is either there or it isn’t. This will be clear in the first 10 minutes of meeting.
  • A person having integrity is a person having loyalty.
  • She pursues him by making him pursue her, and if he is not interested then he will not take it forward.
  • A woman seeks emotional stability in a man, who will help her pass through storms of emotions that run inside her mind. However, a man wants a calm and composed woman.
  • If you cannot admire and respect him, then he is not for you.
  • Enquire on the kind of daughter he will raise, and it will give an idea on his plan for you to become.
  • A woman feels nervous in the company of the man she likes.
  • The woman amalgamates into the man creating an union.
  • Find someone who yearns to live in the past era of simplicity and decency.
  • Don’t act too intelligent on a topic he is not aware of.
  • Do you see a father of your child in him ?
  • A good connection feels effortless.
  • No two men are same, and no two women are same. Recognize yourself, and find your type.
  • A woman’s job is to appear as less burdensome as she can present.
  • Is he the man for whom you want to leave behind everything and start a new journey with ?
  • She is an addition to his life. His life remains the same except for the ways he accommodates her into his life.
  • Acceptable women’s marriageable age for the present times : 25 – 29 years.
  • Is he resilient ? Be whatever tragedy comes, will he keep moving forward to win ?
  • You don’t have to play a psychologist in trying to know him.
  • Love is also a submission for the man, whose submission takes the form of dominance.
  • Having male ego is a part of his sexuality. But as a human, he should be egoless.
  • Is he a problem solver ? Does he have solution for most problems ?
  • Dating begins as a transaction and ceases to be with getting married/falling in love.
  • Do you want to face the hardships of life together with him ?
  • His future matters. Her past matters.
  • He has a vision for his life and a role for her that fits into this vision.
  • Match from a broader level : His IQ = Her IQ, His Beauty = Her Beauty, His Wealth = Her Wealth, His Values = Her Values, His Masculinity ~ Her Femininity
  • Reflect being loyal.
  • Don’t be mysterious.
  • Does his family have a stellar reputation ?
  • She enters his life and makes it better.
  • A man either has it in him or he doesn’t.
  • Do you feel safe from others around him ?
  • Is he ruthless towards achieving his goals ?
  • Traditional femininity attracts traditional masculinity.
  • Are you being used as a target practice by a man wanting to improve his dating skills ? Identify time wasters.
  • Is he head – strong and does he have a strong will power ?
  • Do you enjoy spending time with him ? Is he fun to be with ? Is he a good companion ?
  • Trust precedes Love.
  • Marriage is the union of two families ensuring their genetic survival.
  • Is he wise beyond years ?
  • Is he fighting fit ?
  • Do everything to earn his trust.
  • Have fun with figuring him out.
  • The virtuous man and virtuous woman will seek each other.
  • Even if a woman is not gorgeous but above average in looks, a quality man is willing to overlook if it compensates in all other ways.
  • The hot woman is not winning a man’s love. A man’s love is contingent upon her chasteness. The sex object does not become love object.
  • A woman has to be reflect she carries culture and values.
  • Holding generational wealth has now become important even for a woman to be considered as being marriage worthy.
  • A woman who doesn’t love babies cannot be a wife material.
  • A woman who cannot follow is a woman unfit to become a wife. .
  • It looks poorly on a woman who is testing him with her annoying manipulative tests. Be aware that you are testing him even unconsciously.
  • The immature/dumb/silly woman will get dropped.
  • Most of the date to marry advisory available is outdated; even that which was set 5 years ago. Times has changed rapidly and will continue to change even faster. You want advice that understands the present and takes care of the future.
  • Marry by the age of 28 and get the best deal for yourself. Nothing ignites a man’s interest like a young fertile woman. Also, a young woman brings out a man’s paternalistic emotion for her bringing him closer to loving her. Women lose femininity both physically and psychologically with the passing age, along with losing feminine attraction appeal.
  • The woman with PhD has limited her own mate choices through her biological compulsion of marrying someone at a higher status than hers.
  • Don’t play hard to get. It makes her appear less attractive besides ruining inter gender dynamics.
  • Would you want your son to be like this man ?
  • Be thankful for his time.
  • Men who marry solely based on a woman’s looks, and women who marry solely based on a man’s income or wealth, will most likely see a broken marriage. First criteria is a good human having shared values, and then comes everything else.
  • Dating beings as a transaction and ends without it with falling in love, and along with it that which started as selfishness turns into selflessness.
  • The match of the male ego with the female ego, but while the male ego assists him with his dating success the female ego of hers does not and should not be reflected.
  • He “sees” Her. She “hears” Him.
  • Don’t fantasize for a character and don’t play a character.
  • Women who fake femininity are same as men who fake masculinity. It appears pathetic.
  • Liberal is not evil but inferior or inferior influenced. You want a virtous Trad minded man.
  • Liberalism = Promiscuity = Cuck + Slut
  • Most people have given up on the idea of having a family. There are many married and still childless couple. Clear it up on wanting a child from start.
  • You want to be approached by your “type”. A Man also has to approach his “type”. No point in trying to make it happen with someone who is not your complement and doesn’t share your values.
  • Find a man for whom you would be the most beautiful woman in the world.
  • Don’t present as a fashion model. Rather, present as a wife material.
  • A high value mate is one who wants a successful marriage and has somewhat prepared beforehand for the nuances that goes onto making a marriage successful. This brings a transformation in one’s mindset and leads to shedding of ignorance.
  • Even after you have got hold of the right mindset for marriage, it can take years to find the right mate.
  • Don’t have unrealistic expectation of Love but attempt to actively create a Love story.

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Phase 1 – The meetings, rejections, vetting, eye contact and flirting

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Phase 3 – The Wedding

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Did you like the article and would like to get hold of a high quality man and have a great married life ? For that, you should buy the rest of the pointers by purchasing them safely over here

Did you like the article and would like to get hold of a high quality man and have a great married life ? For that, you should buy the rest of the pointers by purchasing them safely over here

©2023 by CosmicWheelOfTime

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