The Way forward to future

  • Get to Jain consciousness by learning it here to be able to handle the incoming worsening times and be able to maintain good mental health.
  • Without the patriarchal culture of intelligent patriarchs, everyone exists more so in their natural animalistic state. A person in the post modern liberal society is mostly reflecting on their true inner state, even after taking into account the conformist influences. The masses are destroyers of civilization. Because patriarchy is not going to come back in society for a long while, it has to be recreated for one’s self and lived in its bubble because Karma has its own way of dealing.
    • Free yourself mentally from a society of empowered & masculinzed women, & weakened and feminized men, a result of civilization destroying nationalist – socialist, meat -eating, women and lgbt oppressing, environment destroying, violent, dysgenic overpopulated masses.
  • Take care of finances by being invested in right stocks which are aligned to the future sustainable economy. Can have some small business aligned to the future like pet shops, IVF fertility clinics. The idea of having a career is dead. The era of earning money is over. Now, the era is of managing wealth accumulated. Cut down on expenses.
  • Keep your liberal family members at a distance. You are not obligated with maintaining close relationship with them as they already broke the bond with you by being a liberal; same goes for toxic family members. Use Detachment to achieve this.
  • Without higher moral values, humans become destructive and evil, which contributes to the rise in sociopathy, and eventually the rise in misery.
    • Unemployed youth + Moral decay = more crimes happening.
    • Learn to read strangers in public like your life depends on it. Live life pretending to be a lawyer and a politician- being Machiavillain to the extreme.
  • Liberalism is your death staring at you. Have a successful marriage using this guide.
  • Improve your health as life expectancy drops.
  • The post modern society requires one to be self centered, cunning and street smart. These are times of extreme low trust.
  • Social – Finding like minded individuals in real world and online, and socialize more. Solitude is good but till a point.

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